Patio Doors

At Lash's Glass we offer quailty vinyl patio doors from brands such as Plygem, Cascade, & Yellow Dog. With a quality patio door, & our professional installation we can keep your door rolling into the years ahead.

New vinyl patio doors can help insulate your house from the elements, noise, and can be a beautiful addition to your home. Being one of the biggest openings to the exterior of your home, pairing a quailty, thermally broken vinyl frame with a high grade low-e glass can drastically help on energy costs & comfort levels.


  • Order for pickup, delivery, or installation
  • Vinyl & Aluminum Patio Doors
  • High quality stainless steel duplex rollers
  • Two-point or four-point lock with optional keys
  • Multiple grid styles & patterns
  • French doors & collapsing door options