Residential Window Repair

Are your windows grinding when you open them? Is there a crack in your garage window? Lash's Glass is here to help with all of your window repair needs.

Broken or Fogged Glass

If you have a shattered window or fogged dual-pane window we can replace the glass and get your window back good as new.

Rollers, Latches & Crank Operators

We have a variety of rollers, latches, & crankout operators in stock if your window isn't opening properly. We can install parts, repair problem windows, & get the right part to keep your window sliding into the future.

Sash Balancers

If you have a single-hung window (slides up & down) & it drops closed when you try to open it then it is time to replace the vertical window "balancer". We can replace your balancers & balance tackle so your window will stay open the way it is supposed to.

Weatherstripping & Glazing Bead

When your windows are drafty is could mean its time for new weatherstripping. We can help, we stock weatherstrip in numerous sizes & styles to keep the elements outside your window where they belong. We also stock a variety of glazing beads to keep the glass in your windows tight & keep your windows looking there best.


Do you have a ripped or missing screen? We can help! At Lash's Glass we can measure, install, & repair your window screens as well as screen doors. From a small window to a screened in porch, we have the know how & materials to service all your screen needs.

Leaky Window

If your window is letting in water & rain give us a call. We can asess the leaky window, perform a leak test, repair or replace the leaky window, & get your house keeping the weather where it belongs, outside!